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Important Questions to Ask your Pharmacist

When you go into a pharmacy, it is important to remember that they are your partners in good health. While the common misconception that it is primarily a business, good pharmacies are wholly dedicated to the continued good health of their clients.

If you’re presenting considering going to a pharmacy and aren’t quite sure what you can do there, take these few questions along with you:

Medication side effects

Doctors may mention a few side effects but not all of them. While doctors can provide you a printout, having things explained to you conversationally has a better charm to it. Asking for side effects would be prudent for any consumer to consult their pharmacist for a full breakdown in order to make informed choices.

Missing a dosage

You aren’t alone if you’ve missed a dosage. Asking a doctor about a “what if” regarding a missed dosage can feel a lot like telling the teacher that you forgot your assignment. Asking your pharmacist about missing or potentially missing a dosage is not as intimidating.

Storage tips

Pharmacists are trained to get to know various medications and how they should be handled. Asking your pharmacist about tips on how to properly store your medicine is a great way to keep them safe and will save you money in the long run

Generic Alternatives

You don’t always have to go for the high priced medicine. There are now generic variations of more expensive medication. Your pharmacist can help you by providing multiple options for you. If you’re concerned about the efficacy of the medication, you can always ask your pharmacist to explain the difference between the brands.

Special Instructions

Certain conditions require a bit more instruction than most. Other than your doctor, asking your pharmacist about specialized instructions regarding medication or care is a good idea. Pharmacists can provide further explanations that your doctor may have neglected to do.

To close

It would be good to think of pharmacists in your local area as your really friendly neighbors. They’re there to make sure that you know what you’re doing and guide you accordingly.

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